but also provides time efficiency when you make deliveries. You can use this service when you want to provide delivery services with MEGA AIR. This service will pick up the goods from your place to the address you need directly.


Door to door service means that the goods delivery service will be picked up from the sender's warehouse to the recipient of the goods. Customers are not bothered with any processes or procedures. They simply entrust the goods to the courier and pay the shipping costs until the goods sent arrive at the recipient. Usually, the prospect of forwarding is very dominant for sending goods from abroad (imports). It can be said that this service is a fast route for importers to receive goods.

Some of the benefits of door to door service in shipping your goods are:

  • The goods are immediately picked up at the sender's place and sent directly to the consignee/goods owner's warehouse.
  • If the goods to be imported are subject to lartas (restrictions), import quota problems, SNI quarantine, and the like, then this door to door service is the solution to overcome these problems.
  • Stages of door to door cargo delivery service at Mega Air:

  • The sender contacts Mega Air CS to confirm and provide data on door to door service usage data. Information can be done via telephone or email. Then, our driver will go to the sender to carry out the next process.
  • After confirming delivery of the goods, the sender will receive information regarding the delivery receipt number. The receipt number is used to track the process of the goods sent
  • The recipient of the goods must sign a letter of receipt of the goods provided by the courier as proof that the goods have arrived at the destination address.
  • When the delivery process is running, the goods delivery service will continue to be tracked by our Monitoring Team until the goods arrive at their destination. After the goods are received, Mega Air will notify the sender that the goods have reached their destination.

It should be noted that not all expedition services provide door to door cargo services. For this reason, make sure you use an expedition that definitely provides this service. Mega Air is one of the expedition companies that provides door to door cargo services with experience and an extensive network.