Door to Port service is

Door to port is a service for sending goods from the sender's address to the port or airport. The delivery process with this service is carried out with the procedure that the goods to be sent are taken first using a pick-up or certain vehicle by an officer from the delivery service to the location address indicated by the sender. In the process, the expedition service will not send the goods to the recipient's address, but they will only deliver the goods until they reach the port location, namely the port, airport, warehouse, or place appointed by the expedition company. After arriving at the port location, the goods will be picked up by the recipient himself. You can use this door to port service not only for domestic shipping purposes, but also overseas. Different from the door to door type of service, this service is usually also used to send cargo type goods which are sent via air, land and sea.

Benefits of Using Door to Port Services

The types of services provided by expedition services have their respective advantages, starting from door to door, port to port, port to door, and others. If you choose to use the door to port service, you will get several benefits during the goods delivery process, such as:

  • No need to deliver goods to the port location
  • The port location is the place where the goods will be dropped for the recipient to pick up themselves. Officers from the expedition service will take the goods to your address according to the agreed time and place. If usually the sender will deliver the goods himself to the expedition service, with this service you just have to wait at home. When picking up the goods, the officer will also ask for additional data for the goods to be sent.

  • Varied Delivery Fleet Options.
  • The fleet used for door to port services is fairly complete, can be used for deliveries via air, land and sea. If you want a faster delivery process, you can use air routes. Meanwhile, to send large goods and want the price to remain affordable, you can use sea routes. As for land delivery, it is usually used to send goods between cities or provinces. The delivery process will usually use a pick-up truck, box truck, fuso, tronton, container, etc.

  • Sending Goods at Affordable Prices

Many customers choose door to port expedition services because they have a wide delivery range. You can choose this service to send goods to various destinations, from outside the city, outside the province, between islands, even overseas. In terms of costs, door to port services are cheaper and more affordable than other types of services provided by expedition services. Especially when compared to door to door, which has a more expensive price. That's because the goods will be sent directly to the recipient's address, regardless of location.

That is a review of the benefits that customers can get if they use door to port services when shipping goods. Of the various services provided by expedition services, this service is worth a try for those of you who want to send goods long distances, but at an affordable cost.