In contrast to door to door delivery which allows goods to be picked up at the sender's or shipper's location, in port to port delivery the goods sent must be picked up directly by the recipient at the specified destination, namely the port for sea cargo and the airport for air cargo. So, if you intend to use a port to port delivery service, then the goods you want to send must first be taken to the airport, then the recipient of the goods must pick up the goods sent to the airport. Or if it is sea cargo then the location is the port.

Who is Suitable to Use Port to Port Delivery Services?

  • Retail business people
  • UMKM Entrepreneur
  • Business units that do not have a logistics department for delivery

  • Advantages of Port to Port Shipping?

  • Items Will Be Strictly Inspected and Monitored
  • Shipping Costs Can Be More Affordable

  • Why Mega Air?

  • More economical costs with competitive price offers
  • Wide delivery coverage to almost all regions of Indonesia
  • The load is guaranteed safe